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Though some may still believe in Thailand’s former raucous reputation, the country is also one of the world's foremost destinations for wellness-conscious travellers and continues to be increasingly popular with spiritual seekers looking for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

The country’s culture of mindfulness, ancient massage techniques and exotic landscapes naturally leads visitors to embrace self-discovery and self-healing, making it an impeccable first location for Asaya, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts® signature integrated wellness concept, at Rosewood Phuket. 

Guided by Rosewood’s A Sense of Place philosophy, Asaya’s locally inspired, culturally authentic experiences centre around guests’ specific individual wellness goals – encompassing mind, body and spirit – through personalised alternative therapies and rituals, enriching fitness and lifestyle activities and nutritious eating plans all within specially designed spaces for relaxation and reflection. 

While traditional Thai massage certainly has a place on the treatment menu, Asaya moves beyond standard spa practices, aiming to thoroughly redefine wellness through a holistic experience that also doesn’t skimp on style. From the spa’s exclusive Wellness Atelier, where guests can hand-select medicinal herbs for fresh body scrubs, masks and more, to holistic multi-day retreats, to alternative therapies that blend ancient practice with cutting edge techniques, Asaya’s bespoke experiences are designed to stay with guests long after they leave Phuket. 


Set within lush herb and floral gardens, Asaya offers guests a complete sensory experience from start to finish. Transitioning from sweet jasmine and gardenia scents to refreshing lemongrass and mint further into the grounds, guests experience a seamless flow throughout Asaya’s tranquil indoor and outdoor spaces. Along with several open-air areas for pre- and post-treatment unwinding, each of the spa’s five double treatment suites also feature an outdoor relaxation area with rain shower and deep soaking tub. 

Instead of simply booking a treatment, guests begin their Asaya experience by connecting with a knowledgeable wellness host to determine the best individual treatments for their needs or create a personalised programme to follow throughout their stay. 

Of course, a stay at the meticulously designed Rosewood Phuket adds to the overall sense of wellbeing thanks to elegant yet refreshingly unpretentious pavilions and suites, further spoiling guests with private pool terraces, intimate hideaways and ocean views that create a focused environment to unwind and unplug. Between the lush accommodation and luscious spa experiences, Rosewood Phuket and Asaya are quickly becoming a must-go spot for wellness seekers.


At Rosewood Phuket, guests are invited to enhance their wellbeing through personalised wellness getaways completely tailored toward the individual. Starting from 10,500 THB (not including accommodation) for a two-night, one-day programme, and going up to 45,000 THB for a six-night programme, Asaya’s curated wellness retreats include daily wellness consultations and check-ins, hands-on cooking demonstrations led by the resort’s professional chefs sharing how to start cooking for a healthier lifestyle and more.

Asaya Cleanse

Flush out physical and emotional blockages and toxins with individuallytailored journeys designed to provide a gentle yet highly effective cleansing. Depending on one’s needs and length of programme, retreats may include Taoist abdominal massage, emotional freedom techniques, energy balancing treatments, detoxifying body scrubs, masks and massage.

Asaya Balance

Restore balance in body and inner mind for a great sense of clarity, vitality, and both emotional and physical wellbeing. This journey of self-discovery is completely customised to the guest and may incorporate reiki healing, watsu therapy, private yoga sessions and complementing massage methods.

Asaya Fit

These tailor-made movement training and education programmes are designed for all levels of physical fitness creating a bespoke regimen of guided stretching and exercise, including boot camp workouts and Muay Thai training, wholesome nutrition, and lifestyle practices to achieve optimum health and fitness. Restorative treatments can include the Asaya Muscle Release Massage and Asaya Fusion Massage.


In addition to all expected spa treatments and wellbeing or fitness practices, ranging from deep tissue massages and invigorating body scrubs to one-on-one yoga, pilates or even high-intensity interval training, Asaya offers a selection of highly specialised, alternative therapies.

Watsu Therapy

A gentle form of body therapy in warm water, watsu provides a deeply nurturing experience combining elements of massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and shiatsu led by an expert therapist to help one release tightness and tension, and ultimately reach a deep state of relaxation.

Chi Nei Tsang

This traditional Taoist healing therapy works to clear blockages and restore one’s natural energy, or qi, to the entire body through abdominal massage.

Sound Therapy

Designed to heal on a cellular level, stimulating one’s chakras to become more balanced, Asaya’s sound therapy treatments incorporate Tibetan singing bowls placed on and around one’s body to create resonating sounds and vibrations that interact with one’s energy fields resulting is a sense of pure relaxation.


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